BRC certification, the “passport” for the international market

BRC is a very important international trade association, originally dedicated to serving the British royal family, but now its scale is different and it is a global multinational enterprise. BRC certification has become an internationally recognized food standard and a “passport” for the international market. This certification ensures that the purchased materials, whether in terms of food production safety system, product management system, or even internal personnel management of suppliers, come from very rigorous audit standards.

As a food raw material supplier, our company has been subject to annual audits since 2022, becoming a BRC certified enterprise. The BRC standard covers the key control system, quality management system, product control, process control, factory environment, and personnel of our company’s product safety. All audit clauses have been successfully passed by our departments.
As a wind vane for global food safety management, BRC certification is designed for any country supplying food and any food supplier. Nowadays, global food companies highly respect and trust this standard. In order to comply with this standard, as a supplier, we must adopt many important standards in our management system, including: a documented and effective quality management system; Factory environmental standards, product, process, and personnel control, etc.

It has been proven that in the international market, BRC certification has added more confidence to our quality management in various aspects. We showcased our factory’s food safety and food safety system to our customers, as well as our commitment to producing and selling safe products. We have gained recognition and trust from many customers and partners in the industry, increased customer confidence in our product safety and quality, and placed great trust in our production process management and sales management. This has enabled our customers to be more willing and willing to learn about us We are also more confident in reaching cooperation with us and gradually developing into a long-term partner!

Post time: Jun-02-2023