Complete Walnut Kernel Production Line in China

Hebei Luhua Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. is a factory and trade integrated company. The factory has a complete automated production line for walnut kernels and fruits. We are a BRC certified enterprise, and this certification ensures that the materials purchased by customers come from very rigorous audit standards in terms of food production safety systems, product management systems, and even internal personnel management of suppliers.

The newly introduced production and packaging equipment from the factory is currently a more advanced and complete walnut kernel production line in China. From peeling to packaging, the entire process is completed using automated machine equipment.

Complete Walnut Kernel Production Line in China (1)

Complete Walnut Kernel Production Line in China (2)

After multiple screening processes, including wind selection (removing light impurities), color selection (using upgraded equipment to enter a professional color selection machine for color grading, removing heterochromatic particles, and further removing walnut shells), X-ray machine selection (using a professional infrared machine to remove various malignant impurities such as metals, silicone, stones, etc.), manual quality testing (after all screening procedures are completed, specialized quality inspection personnel will inspect again to ensure product quality), and so on, After layers of screening, the final qualified products of walnut kernels will enter the automatic weighing vacuum packaging machine, accurately weighing and simultaneously vacuuming, and then automatically sealing.

The entire production process is completed in one go. Walnut kernels need to go through multiple stages from their origin to customers' hands, including picking, peeling, baking, shelling, kernel picking, screening, color selection, and manual quality inspection. Hebei Luhua reduces its reliance on labor through the upgrading of machinery and equipment, further reducing labor costs, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, low-priced, and high-quality cost-effective products.

Hebei Luhua Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. ensures constant quality through perfect production process management and advanced production equipment, so as to achieve full and fresh walnut kernels. We sincerely invite you to visit, inspect, and negotiate cooperation with the factory!

Post time: Jun-02-2023