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Walnut Kernels are the edible, brown-colored nuts, enclosed in a brown seed coat. They are obtained from the walnut trees, belonging to the Juglandaceae family, in the genus, Juglan. The kernels have two bumpy lobes that look like abstract butterflies. They can be cut in different sizes. Such as halves,quarters, pieces or fragments.

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As a professional walnut kernel export factory, we offer Light pieces (LP) and Mixed Crumbs (MCR) walnut kernel crumbs. These chopped walnuts have multiple uses and can be used as raw materials for food and baking pastries, bread, etc.

Light pieces (LP) Walnut crush is one-eighth of the whole walnut kernel, with a relatively uniform particle size. This crushed walnut has a good texture and a crispy texture. Due to its uniform size, LP walnut crush is ideal for baking and pastry making. It can add texture and aroma to foods, bringing richer nutty flavors to pastries and pastries. In addition, LP walnut crush can also be used as an ideal choice for baking pastries, bread, etc fillings, making baking pastries, bread, etcs more delicious and delicious.s.

The Mixed Crumbs (MCR) walnut kernels are Smaller than Light pieces (LP) . This kind of walnut kernel is more finely chopped and more suitable for fillings. MCR Walnut Crush is suitable for a wider range of applications and can be added to a variety of food products such as cereals, cereals, pastries, etc. They provide foods with an extra nutty texture and rich nutrition, while also adding layers of flavor and texture to foods. For baking pastries, bread, etcs making, MCR walnut kernels can bring more taste changes to baking pastries, bread, etcs fillings and increase the fun of food. Whether it is LP walnut kernels or MCR walnut kernels, our products maintain high quality and fresh taste.

Our factory has passed BRC certification and is a strong walnut kernel manufacturer for nearly 30 years. Our walnut kernels come from selected high-quality raw materials and undergo strict processing techniques. We pay great attention to the hygiene and safety of our products to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality walnut kernels. Our walnut kernels have been successfully exported to many countries and regions, and are highly recognized by customers.

Our factory has advanced equipment and an experienced technical team, which can meet the needs of large orders and ensure timely delivery. If you need high-quality chopped walnuts as food or baking pastries, bread, etc ingredients, we will be more than happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to meet your needs and provide you with the best products and services.


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